Which Aid is right for you

Understand the hearing device options available for the price you want to pay.

We believe it is important that our clients have the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding their choice of hearing devices. Acute Hearing Solutions operates as an independent audiological practice, and has access to the full range of hearing devices which are commercially available in Australia.

Like many electronic devices you may be familiar with, the cost of hearing devices rises according to the number of features they include. The table below lists typical features available for each hearing device price band.


$1,200 – $1,500

$1,700 – $2,700

$3,000 – $4,700

High fidelity sound: state of the art technology to meet your hearing needs Great sound quality across several bands Superior sound quality across many bands Exceptional sound quality across all bands
Automatic performance: speech clarity in noisy listening environment Clear, effortless listening in some common listening environments Clear, effortless listening in many common listening environments Clear, effortless listening in most common listening environments
Antishock: eliminates uncomfortable noises without affecting speech ok ok ok
Whistle-free technology: eliminates annoying whistles and buzzing ok ok ok
Wireless technology: allows easy options for programming and use ok ok
Real sound: identifies the direction of sound ok ok
Wind block: enjoy hassle-free outdoor use ok ok
Binaural phone: ensures you can hear phone callers in both devices ok ok
Echo block: enjoy normal hearing in echoing environments ok
Zoom control: choose the direction of hearing focus ok
Learning features: allows the device to learn from how you use it ok