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Tinnitus, characterised by a constant and uncontrollable ringing in the ears, can be a truly debilitating condition for those who suffer from it. One of the most frustrating things about tinnitus is that it doesn’t require a particular external noise to get the ears ringing; it can and will arise involuntarily without any tangible source.

Fortunately, Acute Hearing Solutions can provide tinnitus management and tinnitus treatment for Melbourne patients. While tinnitus can be difficult to cure outright, our tinnitus specialist in Melbourne aims to provide much needed tinnitus relief for sufferers who want to minimise the impact the condition has on their daily routine and their ability to sleep.

Effective Treatment from Our Tinnitus Specialist in Melbourne

Tinnitus is a sensation of sound which is produced in the ear and perceived by the brain without external stimuli. While it typically takes the form of a high pitched ringing in the ears or a whistling sound, it can also take other forms. Although the constant feeling of having your ears ringing can be debilitating, there are several tinnitus management strategies available that can reduce its effects.

At Acute Hearing Solutions, our tinnitus specialist in Melbourne will first perform a tinnitus hearing test. This allows us to determine the extent of the problem and recommend solutions for tinnitus relief, including rehabilitation therapy, hearing aids for tinnitus and cognitive behavioural therapy.

For many sufferers of tinnitus in Melbourne, the condition is a likely precursor to hearing loss and is a symptom that can actually be caused by a number of different factors. Something as innocuous as a build-up of wax against the eardrum can cause tinnitus and hearing loss just as easily as constant exposure to loud music or other noises. It can also be caused by Otosclerosis or something more serious like a tumour on the hearing nerve.

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