Hearing Aids & Rehabilitation

Hearing Aids & Rehabilitation

Hearing is known as the most treatable sense, and that’s likely because hearing loss is so common. Our services for adults aren’t simply about fitting hearing aids – there’s so much more to hearing health than that. Acute Hearing clinics offer the following services:

The hearing rehabilitation process:

  • Diagnostic hearing services
  • Informational counselling
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing treatment

Here, we’ll break these down for you, so you can get a better idea of what to expect from our Acute Hearing Team:


Hearing rehabilitation starts with diagnostics – professional, caring audiologist will assess your hearing through a range of pain-free and non-invasive tests.

Informational and effective counselling

Your specialist will then talk through their findings with you, and help you understand the type, degree and cause of your hearing loss.  We help you accept your diagnosis, and discuss how we can improve your hearing and what outcome you can reasonably expect from treatment.


This is where we work closely with you to bring the ideal treatment plan to life based on your lifestyle, budget and other preferences.  You may be fitted with aids, which are fantastic technology.  In the case you do need hearing aids, we can achieve the best outcome for you when we use them along with other techniques.  These might include amplification devices, learning communication tactics like active listening and family counselling.  the right combination of strategies will not only improve your own quality of life but that of your loved ones too,

Ongoing Treatment at Home

Once your run-clinic treatment is complete, we can offer a self-pace Listening and Communication Enhancement (LACE) program for you to continue your hearing rehabilitation at home.  LACE is an interactive online program which can aid listening, ear-to-brain processing and communication.  The program can help your brain and ears work effectively together again, improving your cognitive function.

The LACE exercises are focused on listening, processing rapid speech, focusing attention, filling in bags, remembering spoken words, and predicting what follows.

The program can be used by almost anyone, regardless of your computer skills.  However, our audiologists and staff are here to help if needed.