Invisible Hearing Devices

Invisible Hearing Aids in Australia

At Acute Hearing Solutions, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of audiology care and treatments. This includes having access to the latest invisible hearing aids in Australia, allowing us to offer a range of IIC hearing aids (invisible in the canal) for our patients to choose from. Foolproof and tiny, these invisible hearing aids are non-intrusive and inconspicuous. You may even forget you’re wearing one!

About Our IIC Hearing Aids in Melbourne

IIC hearing aids are much smaller versions of regular hearing devices which are inserted deep into the ear canal by specially trained audiologists. Due to their design and outer shell, custom-made for each user, invisible hearing aids can withstand both wax and water. With an invisible in the canal hearing aid, users can go about their normal daily activities with much less of the maintenance and disruption of regular hearing aids.

An invisible in the canal hearing aid is effectively obscured from view simply because of the depth in which they are placed in the ear canal. Users report that they can’t readily see them, even when they angle mirrors to view inside their ears. IIC hearing aids are the most aesthetically pleasing hearing aids in Melbourne currently on the market.

Options for Invisible Hearing Aids

Acute Hearing Solutions is proud to supply some of the best invisible hearing aids in Australia. Find out more about some of them below.

Phonak Lyric

Phonak refers to the Lyric as ‘the contact lens for your ear’. These IIC hearing aids are designed for long-term insertion into the ear canal, and they’re worn both during daily activities such as work and exercise, and during the night as well.

The on-board batteries last for months, at which point the devices are removed by your audiologist, and new Lyrics fitted. Lyric users enter a subscription service which allows a constant updating of their hearing devices with new technology, rather than purchase their devices outright.

Starkey SoundLens

Like Lyric invisible hearing aids, Starkey’s SoundLens is an invisible in the canal hearing aid designed with a shell that’s custom-made for each device, allowing deep and comfortable insertion into the wearer’s ears. However, the SoundLens is designed to be removed each evening to assist cleaning and ear hygiene.

The SoundLens incorporates a feedback eliminator to prevent buzzing and whistling, and is programmed to help wearers better understand speech. The SoundLens is an option for those people with hearing profiles that preclude them from using other IIC hearing aids and devices.

Widex IIC

The pinna is the skin surrounding the ear, which directs soundwaves so that frontal sound is naturally louder than that from the rear. Like other available invisible hearing aids in Australia, the Widex IIC is designed to take advantage of the pinna effect, allowing sound to naturally channel down the ear canal much further than a CIC hearing device.

Widex prides themselves on the robust construction of their IIC. The lack of hard edges and the addition of the NanoCare wax and moisture guard mean fewer repairs and returns for IIC wearers.

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