Hearing Tests For All Ages

Organise a Children’s Hearing Test in Melbourne

Although most people will experience deterioration in their hearing later in their lives, young children can unfortunately experience it very early on. The most common warning signs of hearing loss in children include showing no response when you call to them from a distance, unclear speech, and a noticeable delay in their speech and language development, as well as complications with their education. If you notice any of these signs, you may need to organise a hearing test for children.

At Acute Hearing Solutions, we can provide assistance if your child requires a children’s hearing test in Melbourne. We can determine whether there is an issue with their hearing and recommend solutions on how to correct or manage any problems. Whether you want to assess hearing loss in children or you require hearing aids for children, our specialists can help.

What Does a Hearing Test for Children Involve?

There is more than one type of children’s hearing test in Melbourne that can assess a child’s hearing levels. Which one we choose often depends on the age and level of development of your child. These tests include:

  • Objective tests – These require no response from the listener. Objective tests (such as Otoacoustic emission testing, Auditory brainstem response testing, Electrocochleography and Tympanometry) can be performed on babies as young as six months and are the most accurate hearing test children of that age can undergo to diagnose hearing loss in children.
  • Behavioural Observation Audiometry (BOA) – This form of testing is dependent on eliciting some form of response from the child. It can be administered to children less than 7 months of age and involves creating a noise, like shaking a rattle, in order to engage the child into verbally or physically responding.
  • Visual Reinforcement Orientation – This hearing test for children requires the tested baby to turn their head towards a sound before associating it with a particular visual stimulus like a toy or a puppet.
  • Play Audiometry – Better suited to older children, this children’s hearing test in Melbourne requires the child to provide a response through gameplay when they hear a noise. For example, they hear a noise and they might have to drop a marble in a hole.

Book a Hearing Test for Children Today

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