Our Testimonials

Dear Ben,

Thank you for the excellent service provided over many years at Acute Hearing, Ringwood. You and your staff have been so wonderful, patient and accommodating with me and my hearing concerns.

You guys are fantastic, thank you.


I am very happy with the depth of expertise and the way Ben expertly looked after me. Professional, kind and accommodating.

I could go on for ages so I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Ben and his whole team for your amazing service.


Dear Bandale, Staff

Thanks so much for your excellent care of Ruth.

Warmest regards,


Dear Siobhan

Just wanted to give you my thinks for dropping off batteries for me at the retirement village.

My health is a bit fragile at the moment and I am not driving the car, so it makes things a bit difficult.

That was a lovely thing for you to do.

Fondest regards,


Various family members have been clients of Ben for nearly 30 years (he was VERY young when Mum first attended for his services!). Ben has always shown patience, knowledge, great listening skills but most importantly always demonstrated himself to be an extremely empathic person.

The staff at Acute Hearing have obviously been carefully chosen as they too demonstrate Ben’s high level interpersonal skills.

I am so grateful that our GP recommended we see Ben all those years ago.

Thanks Ben


Hi Ben,

A big thanks for you submitting me in a Cochlear implant. I had the operation on the 25th September and had it switched on 2 weeks later. It has been a great success and on the 14th November was fitted with the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor and with my iPhone I can take call direct through the implant.

I can’t thank you and your wonderful staff enough for the great service you all individually and collective provided.

You have an amazing team. Thank you.


Dear Bandale,

Please accept this gift in appreciation for all you have done for me this year in helping me find a suitable hearing aid. The service I have received from you and Acute Hearing Solutions has been outstanding and always friendly.

I find my hearing loss daunting sometimes but you and your staff have treated me with respect and understanding at those times. So thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,



For Bandale and all the team at Acute Hearing Solutions,

Our thanks for your expertise and really excellent care of Ruth’s hearing management.

You make the difference to supporting better hearing, and we do appreciate all you do for us.

Have a wonderful Christmas,

Ruth and Marguerite

Ruth and Marguerite