Phonak Lyric™

Phonak Hearing Aids

The Phonak Lyric™ hearing aid is the world’s first 100% invisible, sweat-proof, shower-proof, no-fuss hearing aid, available now at Acute Hearing Solutions – along with a selection of other high-quality Phonak hearing aids.

Discover the Lyric™ hearing aid

Many people feel self-conscious about their hearing aid, particularly if it’s placed somewhere noticeable. The Lyric™ hearing aid changes the game by being placed inside the ear canal, and can be left in there while you’re showering, sleeping, working out, and even talking on the phone. No longer do you need to go through the hassle of taking it out when your ear is likely to get wet; it can stay inside your ear and the battery lasts up to four months.

What Lyric™ Hearing Aid Wearers Are Saying About their Devices:

  • “Incredibly life-changing.”
  • “Lyric™ is the best thing that’s happened to my hearing since it started going.”
  • “The Lyric™ is terrific. Nobody can see it.”
  • “Showering’s not a problem. Travelling’s not a problem. Being on an airplane is not a problem.”
  • “I completely forget I have a hearing loss.”
  • “Restaurant background noise and crosstalk … I don’t have that problem anymore.”
  • “At work, I can hear better. I can communicate. I’m more effective.”