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Ringwood East Head Office

Suite 4, 26 Grey St,
Ringwood East,
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Ringwood East Head Office

Suite 4, 26 Grey St, Ringwood VIC 3135

Hearing Aids in Ringwood East

At Acute Hearing Solutions, our team of qualified audiologists can provide comprehensive hearing tests to assess your hearing levels and determine the extent of any existing damage. We can also prescribe various restorative and preventative hearing solutions that enable you to continue communicating effectively and operating normally. Whether you need advice on how to minimise your exposure to loud noises or you require hearing aids in Ringwood East, we can provide assistance.

The Importance of Hearing Tests

With one in six Australians reportedly experiencing hearing loss to some degree (ranging from mild to profound), the condition affects more people than you might realise. Over 35% of hearing loss cases occur as a result of repeated exposure to loud noises over time, such as loud music through headphones or loud equipment at work, so it’s not surprising that more people are turning to their nearest hearing clinic for a comprehensive hearing test.

Our Comprehensive Range of Services

Acute Hearing Solutions can provide a wide range of services at our Ringwood East hearing clinic. These services include:

  • Audiologist administered hearing test for people of any age
  • Services for pensioners and veterans
  • Tinnitus management
  • Workplace management
  • And much more

Additionally, we offer an extensive selection of hearing solutions, including hearing aids for Ringwood East patients that use the latest technology for crystal-clear hearing and reception. Book a consultation with our audiologist to get a hearing test in Ringwood East today.

Make an Appointment at Our Ringwood East Hearing Clinic

If you’re concerned that your hearing is beginning to diminish and you suspect that you might need hearing aids in Ringwood East to correct the issue, organise a hearing test with one of our qualified audiologists today.

We’re located at the Bond Street Specialist Centre on Bond Street.Call (03) 9870 2899, (03) 9870 5066 or (03) 9879 5366 to get in touch with us. If you wish, you can also send us an email at hearing@acutehearing.com.au or message us online for a prompt response.