Musician Earplugs and Swim Plugs

Musician Earplugs and Swim Plugs

Acute Hearing Solutions offers a range of comfortable musician earplugs and swimming plugs, helping to protect your ears while you’re doing the activities you love. Whether you need musicians’ earplugs to limit damage caused by loud music or swimming earplugs to prevent water from entering the ears, we can provide the solution that’s right for you.

Musicians’ Earplugs – Offering Protection While On Stage

Musician earplugs are specifically designed to evenly reduce the volume of sound entering the ear across all frequencies. They preserve the natural response of the open ear so that sound heard while wearing the earplugs has the same qualities as the original, but is a set number of decibels quieter. Each set of musicians’ earplugs must be custom moulded to the user’s ears. Regular use of these earplugs while practising, performing and listening to music protects the user’s hearing from the cumulative effects of overexposure to loud sound suffered by both musicians and those who attend loud performances regularly.

  • ER-9 musician earplugs boast reduced diaphragm stiffness and can reduce incoming sound by 9dB (decibels).
  • ER-15 earplugs combine a diaphragm with air cushioning to reduce incoming sound by 15dB.
  • ER-25 model earplugs have increased diaphragm stiffness and an acoustic-mass channel to reduce incoming sound by 25dB.
  • ER-20 Ready-fit musicians’ earplugs – The ER-20 earplugs were developed to provide low cost, one-size-fits-most high fidelity earplugs, which can be used in a variety of noisy environments where retained sound quality is important. The goal of the ER-20 design is to reduce noise but preserve sound quality; in effect, to turn down the noise but not muffle voices, environmental sounds or music. ER-20 musician earplugs use a tuned resonator and acoustic resistor to give essentially equal sound reduction at all frequencies, which preserves the fidelity of the original sound.

Swim Plugs Available in a Range of Colours

Swim plugs are custom earplugs designed to stop water entering the ear canal, which is especially desirable for children who have had drainage grommets inserted into their ears. Swim plugs are made to float, allowing for easy detection if they become removed in the swimming pool. A wide range of colours are available.

Get the Earplugs You Need with Acute Hearing Solutions

Acute Hearing Solutions can help you find the right swim plugs or musicians’ earplugs to suit your requirements. Contact us at your nearest clinic to make an appointment.